Pinterests’ New Analytics Tool

Pinterest has finally launched its new analytics tool for business users, and it looks promising!  For years now, business users have been supplementing analytic reporting with the use of third party tools such as Pinreach, Pintics and others.  With a verified site, users can sign up for the new analytics tools and get access to Pinterest’s new look and feel.  There are some great UI improvements that I mention in the video, including better flagging tools and a more robust ‘related’ function that’s worth emulating.  Pinterest’s new analytics tool will give the competition, aka Pinreach, Pintics,Pinerly, PinPuff, a run for their money.  As well, the new UI is more subtle, more consistent in using endless scroll functions for related images and feels more intuitive overall.

I’m excited about this analytics launch.  I think business users will find the top-level view extremely helpful.  I do however hope to see more analytics features being added as time goes on – the tools available feel fairly light and more directed towards small businesses.  I expect this to change in future releases, and I do hope we’ll see the incorporation of more robust export functions as well as deeper analytical functions that could tie into goals and campaigns.


Pinterest Analytics

You're free to use it for your materials as well.