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Micah Boswell is a cross-disciplinary User Experience professional committed to exquisitely crafted creative deliverables. Micah is a holistic thinker with a two decade track-record of succesfully translating thorny business challenges into effective creative solutions. As a seasoned media professional with deep experience in the succesful implementation of creative strategies across multiple mediums Micah has worked on everything from Fortune 50 enterprise rollouts, to small boutique brand implementations. Micah Boswell's also fully bilingual, with experience in globalization. Much of his current work focuses on Sustainable UX and Information Design. Connect with me on Google+. I can also be found on Brandyourself.com and About.me.

Daddy Lives Downtown

After years of tweaking, re-touching and trying to figure out how best to publish, I've launched 'Daddy Lives Downtown' as an interactive e-book, free to consume.  For more info, visit the website here, or go directly to the book, here.Thanks to all the fantastic photographers at Unsplash.

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The Vision of a Sustainable City

4 years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Hitachi's concept of 'Smart Cities', or city environments that were both fully self-sustaining and carbon neutral. As this vision gains more traction in places like Japan and China, we're beginning to see more and more discussion of the real possibilities of Green Cities in our life

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Sustainable UX Conference Video Playlist

James Christie has posted all of the conference talks.  The videos range from his own Carbon Conscious Web design to Jen Briselli's Meta-Sustainable UX, as well as Mike Gifford's excellent Open Source and Sustainability talk. Have a look - these talks are full of fantastic nuggets, and will catapult you into some key information as

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What is a B-Corp: Sustainable Certification

How do we as consumers check to see how the brands we rely on are being sustainable stewards?  How do we as business owners let our customers know that we're taking the common good into account in sustainability practices?  Enter the B Corp certification.  More than 900 companies have already signed on, including Patagonia and

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The Product Plan for a Sustainable Site

Chris Adams' Mural for the steps he went through to plan, build and host a Sustainable website is not only enlightening, but also full of information anyone can use to follow through on their Sustainability Web Project. Here's the link to the Mural - let me know what you think! https://app.mural.ly/t/productscience/m/productscience/1450000827558/view/1235476403

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Another fantastic primary source in Sustainable UX

'Sustainable Virtual Design' is one of the spots you'll want to bookmark.  Full of excellent research, as well as tips you can apply immediately, this is a daily go-to for keeping up on Sustainable UX.  From advice on hosting services to CMS systems, the level of useful content is nothing short of an Oasis for those

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From Photography to Data Science, from Motion Design to Typography.  With a full set of skills based on storytelling, partner with me to create a compelling experience, whether it be a branding effort, or control room operations displays.

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