Minimal 5K iMac Wallpaper Space Invaders

Download First in my series of 5K iMac wallpapers - Feel free to take for your own!  Inspired by both Space Invaders and the new Pantone minion yellow!  

Minimal 5K iMac Wallpaper Space Invaders2017-01-04T03:14:45-06:00


Prose I wrote some years ago.  Poetry is a form of catharsis for me.  I openly admit my shortcomings as a writer, but I love it all the same.  I wrote this one, looking for a way to describe the wonderful experience of serendipity as it regards to hope and aspirations.I hope you enjoy it!


iHaptics, iPad?

Keyboard interfaces are appearing on new surfaces, including iPad screens, televisions and a plethora of other information devices. It makes sense. As devices get smarter, we need better ways of communicating with them. Remember VCR interfaces? Remember the blinking, red 12:00 your father never figured out how to fix? Those days seem so far away….or

iHaptics, iPad?2017-01-04T03:14:47-06:00

Building the iPhone Killer

Let’s face it, Apple succeeded where you may have failed because ATT handed over the parameters and then got out of the way. The more design decisions that are sacrificed based on ‘engineering challenges’, the more chances your cell phone is going to look and feel like a behemoth with a signal. Establish the priorities

Building the iPhone Killer2017-01-04T03:14:47-06:00

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