Of Automator, Candy Bar & Calendar

In this video tip, I cover three separate applications for a task - Automator, Candy Bar and Calendar.  My task is to identify all of the applications I use for a given workflow (I'm creating a powerpoint using research, or I'm designing a website from scratch.), then create a bundle application within Automator to open

Of Automator, Candy Bar & Calendar2017-01-04T03:14:46-05:00

Apple Video With a Red eMate 300

A commercial that had limited exposure, back for Apple when things weren't as they are now.  There are some real jewels in here, including a sneak peek at the never-release-but-highly-coveted red eMate 300!  Lot's of other bits and pieces of history here, including lots of shots of the venerable movie 'Independence Day', for which this

Apple Video With a Red eMate 3002014-12-27T12:17:38-05:00

The Magic Mouse

Apple's migration from the magic mouse to the very interesting trackpad is hardly a new concept.  Digital artists have been using single gesture trackpads to illustrate with for years now.  But it's a deceptively simple move - the multi-gesture trackpad changes everything.  No only does it bring the worlds of the ipad, iphone and imac

The Magic Mouse2017-01-04T03:14:47-05:00

iHaptics, iPad?

Keyboard interfaces are appearing on new surfaces, including iPad screens, televisions and a plethora of other information devices. It makes sense. As devices get smarter, we need better ways of communicating with them. Remember VCR interfaces? Remember the blinking, red 12:00 your father never figured out how to fix? Those days seem so far away….or

iHaptics, iPad?2017-01-04T03:14:47-05:00

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