The Jack of Hearts

Use My Phillips Hue Palette To Get in the Mood! It was a cold, misty night in Lima.  One of those seemingly endless cloudy dusks that the city is so infamous for.  May, June and July were months where Lima became the Seattle of the Peruvian coast – overcast, dreary and humid.

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The Legendary Robert Anton Wilson

Robert A. Wilson's "Prometheus Rising" was riveting, funny, enlightening and disturbing all at the same time.  He captures the essence of our potential incredibly well, while at the same time mocking our mammalian tendency for wanting to fall into the hierarchical animal pack. Humans are born with the ability to understand the self, and therefore

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The Bermuda Depths

It was a strange, surreal year. Dad had taken a leave of absence from being a missionary in South America, and we’d moved to a small County in Virginia. None of us were really clicking into that radical shift in geography well. As a pastor, dad was struggling with the nuances of politics in an

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A Manifesto for The Power of Ideas

This Manifesto for the Power of Ideas has become something I watch almost weekly.  It's pure innocence is compelling - Jason looks into the very best of us and sees a future of radical openness that's very possible.  "We need to cultivate radical openness to participate in and accelerate evolution."  I couldn't agree more.  Thank

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Do you remember

This is a fantastic video, and a part of a longer story that Ane Brun tells in all the music video's to her album, 'Do YourRemember'.  Not many people have her of Ane Brun outside of Scandanavia, but after her latest tour, I know more will be in love with her style of storytelling. For

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