Madness and Civilization

Michael Foucault's 'Madness and Civilization' explores a reality that we experience through our own desire to hide our society's ills.  We are uncomfortable with that which symbolizes the broken, the fragmented.  We cart off our elderly to nursing homes, we cart off our insane and imperfect to state hospitals and wards. In the Renaissance, madness

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User Experience, Silver Bullet or Scapegoat?

The high demand for top talent in the UX market continues.  On Twitter alone, the #UX and #jobs Hashtags are in constant motion.  But do recruiters, program managers and team leads know what it is that they're looking for? Often times, the perceived need for a UX talent is reactive.  The project is done, and

User Experience, Silver Bullet or Scapegoat?2017-01-04T03:14:47-05:00

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From Photography to Data Science, from Motion Design to Typography.  With a full set of skills based on storytelling, partner with me to create a compelling experience, whether it be a branding effort, or control room operations displays.

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