The Vision of a Sustainable City

4 years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Hitachi's concept of 'Smart Cities', or city environments that were both fully self-sustaining and carbon neutral. As this vision gains more traction in places like Japan and China, we're beginning to see more and more discussion of the real possibilities of Green Cities in our life

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Another fantastic primary source in Sustainable UX

'Sustainable Virtual Design' is one of the spots you'll want to bookmark.  Full of excellent research, as well as tips you can apply immediately, this is a daily go-to for keeping up on Sustainable UX.  From advice on hosting services to CMS systems, the level of useful content is nothing short of an Oasis for those

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Understanding the Real Price of a Product

It's been a source of frustration for green consumers and strategists alike when one isn't able to understand the environmental impact of a product.  The currency price may seem cheap, but often times the cheapest product on the aisle is the product that cost us the most from a sustainability standpoint.  Enter Provenance, an organization

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