TED Talks on Sustainability

You can't go wrong with this amazing list of talks.  If you're a UX strategist, or just a designer looking for inspiration for getting into sustainable UX, this is a fantastic place to start.  Most of these talks are focused on architecture, but for those of us looking for the right way to communicate sustainable

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Tim Frick’s ‘Design for Sustainability’

I had the chance to listen to Tim discuss his book during last week's Sustainable UX Conference.  It was an inspiring challenge to action - a real contrast to often academic and theoretical talks that don't have any solutions at the ground level for individuals.  I highly recommend his new book, 'Design for Sustainability' when

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Mighty Bytes and Sustainable Web Design

If you're a designer looking to find ways to make your work more sustainable, Mighty Bytes has published a comprehensive guide to doing just that.  If you're in the design business, and just now thinking about sustainability, head to the Mighty Bytes Sustainability community site.  A great place to start the process of of figuring out how

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