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Minimal 5K iMac Wallpaper Space Invaders

Download First in my series of 5K iMac wallpapers - Feel free to take for your own!  Inspired by both Space Invaders and the new Pantone minion yellow!  

Minimal 5K iMac Wallpaper Space Invaders2017-01-04T03:14:45-05:00

Of Automator, Candy Bar & Calendar

In this video tip, I cover three separate applications for a task - Automator, Candy Bar and Calendar.  My task is to identify all of the applications I use for a given workflow (I'm creating a powerpoint using research, or I'm designing a website from scratch.), then create a bundle application within Automator to open

Of Automator, Candy Bar & Calendar2017-01-04T03:14:46-05:00

Pinterests’ New Analytics Tool

Pinterest has finally launched its new analytics tool for business users, and it looks promising!  For years now, business users have been supplementing analytic reporting with the use of third party tools such as Pinreach, Pintics and others.  With a verified site, users can sign up for the new analytics tools and get access to

Pinterests’ New Analytics Tool2017-01-04T03:14:46-05:00

Movie Interfaces

I've recently begun collecting science fiction movie interfaces and placing the images on a Pinterest board.  It's a fascinating look at the context of innovation, and what or may not work in real-life scenarios. There are some interesting trends in these interfaces.  Here's one I'm seeing as prevalent interface elements - Transparent/Translucent Screens.  While this

Movie Interfaces2017-01-04T03:14:46-05:00

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From Photography to Data Science, from Motion Design to Typography.  With a full set of skills based on storytelling, partner with me to create a compelling experience, whether it be a branding effort, or control room operations displays.

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