iTunes is a fantastic jukebox application, but when it comes to tweaking how your tracks are played, the options are not as varied as one would like.  That’s why I’ve made an investment in Disco XT, and am loving it.

A work friend of mine is a dance instructor for a swing class, and the issue she runs into is, she wants a 30 second gap between swing tunes so that people can find/switch dance partners. In iTunes, you’re able to switch between fade and gap, and change the gap on a limited basis, but it’s obvious that the good developers weren’t taking swing classes into mind.

So, I set out to look far and wide for an Applescript that would automatically create a pause in play for 30 seconds between songs on any given playlist. The search was to no avail. The closest I came to a solution was creating a 30 track that was blank and placing it between each song. It was an unworkable solution.

Enter DiscoXT, a DJ application with a monumental amount of features. I was shocked to discover how easy it was to edit and choose ‘fade editor’ to get this dialog box. was to use the fade editor to create gaps that would automatically create the break between songs that my friend was looking for.

DiscoXT isn’t the cheapest app on the market (129 Dollars for a single user license), but it exists for both the PC and the Mac, and it’s a perfect solution for any dance instructors out there looking to extend the gap between songs in your class playlist.  There’s a free demo available with limited functions, so give it a try if you think this may work for you.

You can find more information on this app at: