Beloved social browser Flock is to be discontinued this month.  It was released about 4 years ago, and received some amazing hype.  The initial UX work on integration of one’s social feeds was nothing short of beautiful, especially as compared to its current competitor, Rockmelt.  But Flock’s demise is a great example of what happens when UX science isn’t applied to the detail.  Flock users regularly complained about what happens in the Flock social flow after you aggregate – there was just no way to manage ‘signal vs noise’ in incoming tweets, posts and the like.  It was a beautiful firehose with an on/off switch.

Rockmelt has managed to create a less than aesthetic experience that’s a joy to manage and tweak.  Download both while you still can, and you’ll understand almost immediately – Flock ‘feels’ modern and approachable right out of the gate, whereas Rockmelt almost challenges you not to get into the guts to tweak.  However, once beyond the initial UX, Rockmelt wins.  Cheers to the Rockmelt UX team.  There’s some improvement needed on entry, but social-feed management is spot-on.