Google’s new profile image system allows for a rather large branding/image placement at the top of one’s profile.  At over 2,000 pixels wide, it leaves lots of room for visual impact and for consumption on large screens.

In searching for the perfect size for this image (2120×1992), I found a sparse amount of resources to help those who might be less graphically inclined.

Introducing a David Hockney-styled Google Plus profile image Photoshop template.  Below are instructions for use.

  1. Download the image a the button below
  2. Open within Photoshop
  3. In your layers window, Locate the Smart Object Layer titled, “PLACE YOUR IMAGE HERE”
  4. Place your image there.
  5. Choose one of the layers withing the Collage Styles folder
  6. Choose a background within the Bacgkrounds folder
  7. Save to a PNG format by using ‘Save for Web’ under File
  8. Via Web Browser, go to ‘Change Cover’ within your Google Plus account
  9. Tap or Click on the ‘Select Cover Photo’ and find the PNG image
  10. Upload and you’re done!

Enjoy!  I’ll have more free stuff linked here soon, so come back and visit often!