Throughout my 25 years of experience in creative direction, design, and user experience design fields I’ve had fantastic opportunities to work in many worlds, on many different kinds of projects, playing many different roles. I am intimately familiar with the product and service evolution, from initial market research and audience discovery to launch strategies and agile development cycles. When you bring me on board, you bring a seasoned consultant with the ability to deep-dive.  I cover the gamut of strategic and tactical, from writing to designing, from prototyping to focus group moderation.

Some Personal Notes:


Chiclayo, Perú
I spent nine years in Chiclayo, a desert town only 10 miles from the ocean. One inch of rain falls every 10 years. Surrounded by Pre-Columbian temples, cities and burial mounds still untouched by the claws of progress, I grew up with a deep appreciation for history and art from other cultures. I also grew up with some of the largest sand dunes one could ever hope to see – majestic at sunset, when the clay and volcanic ash would reflect the orange sunlight and turn the dunes to rainbow colors. The warmth of Chiclayo’s citizens is matched only by its climate.


Lima, Perú
Nine years living in Lima. Capital city, bustling with spicy culture, night life, and a literary sense of the tragic. Citizens and residents of this post-colonial capital call it “Lima La Horrible”…I’ll let you guess what that means. It’s impossible not to hate Lima, but by the same token, it’s impossible not to love it either. The city bustles with the sounds, sights, and smells of humanity; no portion of this city is left untouched by the bristling masses of Peruvians migrating to city life. Its place in history is shiny and impressive, and remnants of that place litter the city in forms of Spanish balconies, intricately built churches, magnificent plazas, and your occasional cobblestoned street. Lima is an old lady, but in many ways, she’s still a feisty, combative one who makes you pay dearly for the privilege of living with her.  A city known better by its extremes, it made me.


Birmingham, Alabama
When I first moved to the United States, I had no idea that culture shock awaited me. Not only did I change countries, but I moved to a country within a country. Birmingham is a strange, strange place for those not accustomed to life in the heart of ‘Dixie Land’.  As kind and hospitable as people were, I couldn’t stand it – I was out of Alabama within that first year.


London, England
I travelled to London not so much from a desire to go to Europe, but because I needed to get out of the USA. Growing up in Latin America, I believed that the US was ‘home,’ and, once there, I quickly discovered that ‘home’ was the most foreign place I’d ever lived.

London was fantastic. A scholarship allowed me to explore London’s cultural and artistic offerings without additional financial worry. Spending a lot of time with Henry Moore’s ‘Recumbent Figure,’ I embraced silence and empty space as rich methods of communication. I learned more about being human.


Abilene, Texas
This place epitomizes the small, southwestern town. It’s not a rare occasion to see a red blanket of clay barreling your way via the dust storms that leave everything thickly coated with earth. Tumbleweeds, those big balls of dead shrubbery, were everywhere. I went to school here – the first school to offer me a scholarship after my stint in England.  Abilene was desolate, and in that quiet, isolated place, boredom began to breed imagination. An inspired period for me.


Dallas, Texas
Dallas is one of those places people love, hate, or both. Some love it because it offers career opportunity. Others hate it because it seems so cold and corporate. Dallas offered me opportunity, art, good friends, and a thriving multicultural community. I moved away in early 1999, and in many ways regretted it.


Durham, North Carolina
Think of Durham as a small island of progressivism in a state as green as its cities are new. For the urban child, all the organic life can take some getting used to.


Dallas, Texas
I returned! I missed the openness of Texans, its juxtapossed array of characters and landscapes, and all that makes this place such a warm place to live in. So glad to be back!

The Internet is the perfect phenomena for the distribution of stories and yarns – some commercial, some not. Regardless, I’m here to stay. Not because I love technology, or because I love the constant shift in innovations. I love it because so long as there is no end to people using the Internet, there will be no end to good yarns.

So when you bring me into your team, you’ll be getting a resource with a keen understanding of technology as a means to express your story, not the end.

Who is Micah?

Collaborative, iterative, flexible, able to seamlessly switch from strategy to tactic, modest, passionate and curious.
I believe in great inter-disciplinary teams, I believe in strong communication and hard work, I believe in compromise when compromise is right, and I believe in taking the time to nurture great talent into amazing talent.
The project isn’t over until the client is satisfied; there’s no closure until there’s a satisfaction and pride in the work done, and a commitment to the project and business goals that exist beyond the paycheck. I promise you will always find me asking how best I can do well, do good, and do right on each and every project.
I’ve been involved in every project type, from Agile to Waterfall. I’ve worked with startups with little to no management resources, all the way to enterprise-centric projects with strict methodologies and approaches. I can adapt to your culture faster than you can say ‘Lean UX’.


Creative Direction 90%
Design Strategy 95%
Template Design 98%
Team Leadership 93%

Meet My Mentors

MollyHTML Strategist
Molly E. Holzschlag, known to many as “mollydotcom” or just plain “Mols” is an author, teacher and Open Web Evangelist.
LukeDesign Thinker
Luke is an internationally recognized digital product leader who has designed or contributed to software used by more than 700 million people worldwide.
Lisa is a socio-cultural anthropologist and futurist who specializes in modern material cultures and emerging technology spaces.

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