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User-Centered Design, User Experience, Usability, Service Design Thinking, Product Management, Team Leadership, Multicultural Thinker, Media Anthropologist


StoryBoard Concepting, Brainstorming, Ideating, Information Architecture, User Testing, Contextual Interviewing, Prototyping, Interactive Prototyping, Card Sort Testing, Documentation, Persona Creation, HTML/XHTML, PHP, WordPress, CSS, IOS, Javascript Library, Interaction Design, Illustration, Animation, Presentation Graphics, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Project Planning, Project Management, Team Leadership, Stakeholder Management, Pitch Preparation.

Tools of the Trade

Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Bridge, Device Central, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Final Cut, Final Cut Express, Visio, Axure RP Pro, OmniGraffle, Omnifocus, OmniSketch, Microsoft Expression, Microsoft Office, BBEdit, WordPress, Transmit, CODA, Pages, Keynote, Chrome, Flock, Opera, Explorer, Safari, IOS, XCODE, MS Project, Episode Pro, FX Factory, Fontcase, iPhoney.


User Experience

Conscious Shell, LLC  |  November 1998 to Present

  • E-Commerce User Experience for Fortune 50 companies, including Dell.
  • Created numeous innovative SAAS business solutions, and moderated brainstorms.
  • Architected and Designed Initial Nomee UI Library for Flex. Designed initial Nomee logos.
  • Seminar Speaker for Dallas arts communities presenting my series of pro-bono presentations, including ‘How to get Your Portfolio Online’.
  • MMO & Social Gaming Marketing Strategy and UX design.
  • Concepted and architected interactive eBook proposal for kid’s book.

User ExperienceThe Broadlane Group | May 2005 to December 2010

  • Collaborated with IT resources to help with interactive branding approach to Velocity rich media tools.
  • Architected, prototyped and designed templates as well as styleguide for the broadlane brand and
  • Architected User Experience strategy and implementation for the OnRamp customer portal.
  • Led User Experience innovation approach for establishing new brand presence for Prolucent.

micah_boswell-1Satori Group (D3 Interactive)  |  April 2004 to May 2005

  • Created User Experience and design approach for all clients.
  • Conducted pitch preparation work and interactive prototypes for prospective clients.
  • Led creation of interactive branding strategy.
  • Provided creative, branding and UX consulting support to

micah_boswell-2IMC2  |  September 2000 to August 2001

  • Led User Experience strategy & project planning for Sarafem and its advergaming venture.
  • Concepted, architected and communicated UX/UI solutions across Healthcare clients.
  • Prepared interactive prototypes and presented to prospective clients.
  • Led UX/UI strategy and implementation for Eli Lilly and Galderma.
  • Responsible for IMC2’s usability strategy for all clients.

micah_boswell-3GlaxoSmithKline | October 1999 to September 2000

  • Established User Experience approach to major interactive brands such as Bayer, Xyban and Trizivir.
  • Concepted, architected and designed numerous marketing campaign minisites.
  • Architected and designed B2B rebate tracking intranet system.
  • Led UX/UI and social strategy for major launch of Lotronex community site.

micah_boswell-4Nortel Networks  |  May 1996 to October 1999

  • Established User Experience, Usability and IA fundamentals for Nortel’s internal sales, product and employee minisites.
  • Designed the user experience for sales, rapport and meridian product lines.
  • Coded and designed intranet sites.
  • Produced internal promotional videos