In this video tip, I cover three separate applications for a task – Automator, Candy Bar and Calendar.  My task is to identify all of the applications I use for a given workflow (I’m creating a powerpoint using research, or I’m designing a website from scratch.), then create a bundle application within Automator to open them all the same time.  I then customize the look of the application, and then schedule it to be opened at a certain time of the day.  The advantage for me is, I often have many tasks within a given day, and each task has a set of apps I like to use to get things done.  Instead of opening them one at a time, I can use Automator to open a task ‘bundle’, if you will. It’s a great shortcut that shows off the power of Automator, especially when it’s combined with the ‘alert’ function built into the Macs’ Calendar tool.

As well, icon customization is one of the fun things one can do on a Mac.  I use both the PC and the Mac, and Mac icons are just so much clearer, and often better designed.  Part of the reason is the higher resolution in Quartz and other graphical software elements within Mac OS X, but icon designers just seem to really gravitate to the Mac side.

Icons in my banner are David Lanham’s Amazing Work.