I partnered with the leaders of this ambitious startup to create a comprehensive design library for software solutions spanning from disaster zones to control rooms, from offline mobile devices to command center displays.  The product suite would include all aspects of logistical management for energy grids – from field assessments, to situational awareness, and even to executive reporting.  

I’m extremely proud to have worked with an amazing team – the work to date is what drives many of the actionable visualization screens on mobile devices, routing management touch displays and command center displays across the Texas energy grid.   To accomplish this I partnered with a small development team to build out all of the visual concepts, then create a process for modular asset combinations.  The tools I used varied from time to time, and were focused on meeting the challenges at hand.  They included JIRA, Confluence, Invision, Abstract, Figma, Adobe XD, Screenflow and Sketch.


Information Architecture, Persona Research, Prototyping, Design Thinking, Design Library Creation, Design Operations 


Data Visualization, Design Thinking, Design Delivery


Lowered Error Rate, Increased Output Value, Actionable Data Insights

“Micah is a spectacular designer, and a spectacular human being. We worked closely together for several years at Treverity, bringing humanity and light to the cold, cold world of electric and gas utility software – with me as product manager, Micah as all-things UI/UX. Micah’s design chops are superb – he produced beautiful, engaging, and usable software, with a keen understanding the user’s journey, and an ability to get inside their heads. And the capacity to translate complex requirements into beauty. Micah coined the therm “Human Integration” to describe what we were trying to do – to go beyond Systems Integration and put the person at the center of their work, and help them do their job better. I would highly recommend Micah for any user experience and design leadership position, and I will most happily work with him again if I get the chance.”

Craig Lawrence, Treverity

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Reach out to me for project consulting, or if you just want to brainstorm on a new concept you want someone to talk to about.  Give me a good 24 hour time-slot for responses.