Put 25 years of Experience to work for you

I’ve experienced, failed, learned and succeeded at every stage of your project plan. From product ideation, to design, marketing, development, usability testing, user acceptance testing and product rollouts. From motion design, product and site design to multisite, multilingual strategies. From boutique brand rollouts to multimillion dollar launches, I know what to expect, what to plan for and how to make sure your value proposition is unique.

I’m available to plug in as your customer experience advocate at any/every stage of your plan.  Give me a call, write me an email or set up a meeting with me.  At the very least, I’m happy to sit with you and help you brainstorm creative concepts.

Uniquely equipped

Partner with you on both the strategic and tactical to make sure nothing is missed.
To put 25 years of successes, learning lessons and wisdom to work for you.
I’ll work to make sure that you’re in the market with a comprehensive and effective approach, whether you’re engaging me for a strategy or just a tactical asset.

Design Strategy

Utilize my work for Fortune 50 companies to take your brand and message to the next level.  Design and UX help you set your message apart, and bringing me in for collaborative sessions and design thinking, so that your reach and impact is as elegant, effective and multi-channelede as it can be.


Product Design

I can help you flush out your product and service strategy to make sure it speaks to your customers at the right time, the right place and in the right tone.  I’ll help you take advantage of UX best practices, such as customer journey mapping to maximize the impact of your message.


Device Independent Thinking

Let me help you expand and optimize your presence beyond the desktop into tablets, smartphones, smart tv apps and beyond!  Leverage my experience to take you into the world beyond these devices and into the next wave of connected hardware.