Giveaway: Google Plus Profile Image Template

Google's new profile image system allows for a rather large branding/image placement at the top of one's profile.  At over 2,000 pixels wide, it leaves lots of room for visual impact and for consumption on large screens. In searching for the perfect size for this image (2120x1992), I found a sparse amount of resources to

Giveaway: Google Plus Profile Image Template2017-01-04T03:14:46-05:00

The Photoshop Desk

What if photoshop's default layout were a physical desk you'd meticulously organized?  This is a fantastically designed arthouse layout of your desk, photoshop style!  Metaphorically speaking, I would imagine your computer crashing is akin to someone knocking your desk over?  :)  

The Photoshop Desk2014-12-27T12:33:40-05:00

User Experience, Silver Bullet or Scapegoat?

The high demand for top talent in the UX market continues.  On Twitter alone, the #UX and #jobs Hashtags are in constant motion.  But do recruiters, program managers and team leads know what it is that they're looking for? Often times, the perceived need for a UX talent is reactive.  The project is done, and

User Experience, Silver Bullet or Scapegoat?2017-01-04T03:14:47-05:00

Afghanistan: Currency and Design

NPR had a fascinating interview with the Afghan Central Bank's Currency Adviser. They've introduced Afghanistan's new currency. Previous to this date, different provinces would publish their own money, and afghani's would use Pakistani or American currency as opposed to the old Afghan currency. That currency was so devalued that one would need a bag of

Afghanistan: Currency and Design2017-01-04T03:14:47-05:00

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