The Photoshop Desk

What if photoshop's default layout were a physical desk you'd meticulously organized?  This is a fantastically designed arthouse layout of your desk, photoshop style!  Metaphorically speaking, I would imagine your computer crashing is akin to someone knocking your desk over?  :)  

The Photoshop Desk2014-12-27T12:33:40-05:00

The Legendary Robert Anton Wilson

Robert A. Wilson's "Prometheus Rising" was riveting, funny, enlightening and disturbing all at the same time.  He captures the essence of our potential incredibly well, while at the same time mocking our mammalian tendency for wanting to fall into the hierarchical animal pack. Humans are born with the ability to understand the self, and therefore

The Legendary Robert Anton Wilson2017-01-04T03:14:46-05:00

Anna, Visually Inspiring French Cinema from 1967

I'm not one to feel inspired by musicals, but this one's breathtaking.  Not so much the music - but the footage is just ... delicious!  Watching it is a visual testament to how styles come and go, and come back again.  Anna is a visually inspiring piece of french cinema history.  Here's a snippet off

Anna, Visually Inspiring French Cinema from 19672014-12-27T12:53:49-05:00

Friedrich Stowasser: We Should All be Makers

Friedensreich Hundertwasser: born as Friedrich Stowasser, he lived and died as Friedensreich (meaning “realm of peace”) Hundertwasser – a name he chose for himself. Architect, ecologist, painter, designer, writer, innovator… his list of talents goes on and on. Hundertwasser reinvented the art of living as an artist 24 hours a day. He believed art and

Friedrich Stowasser: We Should All be Makers2017-01-04T03:14:47-05:00

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