Apple’s migration from the magic mouse to the very interesting trackpad is hardly a new concept.  Digital artists have been using single gesture trackpads to illustrate with for years now.  But it’s a deceptively simple move – the multi-gesture trackpad changes everything.  No only does it bring the worlds of the ipad, iphone and imac into harmony, but it begins to open all three worlds to a new dimension of use – multidimensional metaphors.  Up to now, the time-tested mouse has been perfect for a 2 dimensional screen environment.  The screen’s never been what’s stopped us from stepping into a 3D world, and now with the magic trackpad, Apple is primed to change the fundamentals of the visual metaphor.  Take a look at Apple’s latest patent and see what you think. It’s perfect for the trackpad!

Having written this, I admit I’ll be the first to hold on stubbornly to the Magic Mouse.  I love the limited gesturing I can do to scroll and click.  I was never a huge fan of the seemingly limited battery life, but that seemed like a minor shortcoming compared to how comfortable it felt.

The magic mouse will be deeply missed!