I had the chance to listen to Tim discuss his book during last week’s Sustainable UX Conference.  It was an inspiring challenge to action – a real contrast to often academic and theoretical talks that don’t have any solutions at the ground level for individuals.  I highly recommend his new book, ‘Design for Sustainability’ when it’s released in July of 2016.

“This book identifies four key areas where sustainability principles can be applied to the process of creating websites that are speedy, user-friendly and energy-efficient: findability, performance optimization, design and user experience, and green hosting.

Design and user experience (UX) are where the seeds of web sustainability are sown. Websites that provide a streamlined experience—putting the right things in front of users at precisely the moment needed and nothing more—are more sustainable websites. In the case of the web, people-friendly is also more planet-friendly. This book will help you get there.”