Recent Work

Professional Highlights

  • UX thought leadership for Dell, Home Depot, AT&T and Toyota
  • Award-winning work for the Healthcare and Finance industries
  • Speaker and author on interactive design and user experience
  • Early influencer in open standards approaches and accessibility guidelines
  • Bilingual practitioner, globalization consultant

What Clients Say

Micah not only made my job easier here at The Richards Group, he made me a smarter person in the digital space as a result. Through his work, he continues to be a personal inspiration to have more focus in the world of digital communication. Micah is incredibly smart, a buttoned-up presenter, ahead of the curve of almost all digital trends and consistently works to help drive our client’s business. It’s hard to find a team member that brings a perfect blend of strategy, experience and creativity to the table – Micah delivers on all of that and more.
Doug Sanders, The Richards Group
Micah is one of the most detail oriented UX designers I’ve worked with. He has an excellent sense of gestalt, and is very cognizant about the human experience as related to interactive media. It is so rare to find a designer who cares about observing how people interact with things, and capable of translating those observations into creative solutions. Micah thinks through so many facets of the design problems presented to him such that it is difficult to find any gaps left in his work. When a critique is presented to him he takes it in the most professional and mature fashion I have ever witnessed. As creative director I was confident that Micah would listen closely to all my critiques and respond with a highly creative solution.
Dr. Stavchansky, Lumin8me